What’s New?

Another week has started and oh my what has happened in Major League Baseball?  Just about every player that was expected to be moved has been moved on Monday.  I can’t believe the amount of trades that have been made over the last 24 hours.  It’s gonna take me at least a week to figure out who is where now.

Draymond Green has had a rough month and a half.  After losing in the NBA finals to the Friggin’ Cavs, Green has since been arrested for punching a Michigan State Football player and then “accidentally” posted a penis picture to snap chat on Sunday.  If I were Draymond, I might want to lay low for a little while and start considering my life choices.

The Olympics start at the end of the week and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s going to be an amazing couple weeks here.  I’m hoping all the talk of uncertainty and safety will dissipate and we can just start talking about the actual sports themselves.

In other news, my old boring logo is going to be retired soon and replaced with a brand new “schmancy” one.  I can’t wait for the update.  Sometimes you just need a little change in your life.

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