Harrison Barnes

It’s been a tough couple months for the now Dallas wing player.  He lost, along with his other teammates in 7 games to the CAVS in the NBA Finals.

He shortly after was replaced by one of the best players on the planet, Kevin Durant, who decided to join the Warriors in search of another title.

Now he is sitting on the bench with 3 straight DNP-coaches decisions.  OH and by the way 2 of his former teammates and the man who replaced him in Oakland are all playing in these games.

That’s a tough pill to swallow and I’m sure Barnes isn’t happy about it, but let’s face it.  He just doesn’t really fit on that team at all.  He’s basically playing behind Durant and Paul George.  Sorry Harrison, but you aren’t gonna see much of the floor behind those two.

Alas, these articles I am seeing about him being the worst NBA playing Olympian of all time is ridiculous.  You could ask every coach on every other team in these Olympics and they would put Barnes in their starting lineup.

Things will work out later for you Mr. Barnes.  Just keep working hard.

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One Response to Harrison Barnes

  1. Kevin says:

    I agree. Harrison Barnes is in a tough spot. He could not have foreseen KD coming to the Warrior to replace him. He went for the money that was available in Dallas. He is a much better defender, but it seems much like the Harden deal in OKC. He wanted more money and notoriety. He was behind 2 of the greatest players on the Warriors.
    In the olympics he is the 4th and 5th best small forward/large wing I have seen.

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