It’s Back

For the past 6 months or so I have been so happy not having any football going on, but it is definitely back.  And with that I will crawl into my bleacher report news reporting hole, because ESPN apparently has a deal with the NFL to not cover any other sport for the next 7 months.  WOO!

I was just on and all the headlines are about football and there are friggin 10 headlines.  How does Baseball (a sport that is nearing the playoffs), or golf (another sport in playoff mode) or the US Open tennis tournament or absolutely anything else not have one headline worthy?  Oh that’s right.  It must be football season.

Before it was bad, but it has just gotten worse.  No longer is ESPN my news reporting source.  I will actually watch the news in the morning instead of Sportscenter and at least I get the highlights in sports from them.

I’m angry and for no good reason other than I am tired of football already.  Goodbye for now.

Also, I’m annoyed with myself for missing so much time writing during peak sporting performance time and instead chose to make a comeback at this stupid time.

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