The Week Ahead

Tomorrow I have my first quiz for beer school. I think I am pretty well prepared for it.  I can’t believe how involved I already feel in this class and we still haven’t even had a second class yet. I look forward to telling you all more about that aspect.

UCLA has a big game this week on the road at USC.  I expect a big win from the Bruins, and maybe some actual defensive effort.  If they think they can give up 80 or more points and continue to win, they are going to be losing a lot more games.  I still think they are a title contender, but you wouldn’t believe that if you read some of the same articles I have since their loss to Arizona.  Anyways, Go Bruins.

The Lakers are coming off their worst performance, maybe ever, and need to right the ship quick before the trade deadline or some moves might have to be made.  I don’t think they should break up this team yet, but we need to find out who the leader of this team is going to be going forward.  It can’t be Luol Deng or even Lou Williams.  It has to be one of the four young core guys.  Until, we get that answer this team will continue to struggle with identity issues.

Football is football.  I think the Super Bowl this years should be exciting.   I think Gostkowski kicks a field goal to win it for the Pats 40-37.  Brady rides off into the off-season sunset with a big smirk on his face after another Super Bowl MVP and nearly cements his legacy as the greatest of all time.  But, who knows.  Go ATL I guess.

Hockey is happening, but I haven’t watched nearly enough games to be involved at this point.  When the playoffs start maybe I will pay closer attention.


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