Dear NCAA,

In what universe does it make sense to make a team that was 22-3, has a head to head win(on the road) against a team that was 19-5, and yet somehow is ranked lower than said 19-5 team?  I don’t understand this, but this is one of the many surprises I had with the first iteration of the NCAA top 16 teams.

This new format is going to be a weekly update of the top 16 teams and where they will land come tournament time and while I know that these are going to be rapidly changing over the next few weeks, I definitely had some major issues with this first poll.

UCLA was coming off a big home win over Oregon, who got a 2 seed by the way in this, and while they hit a rough patch in the middle of this conference slate they seemed to be destined for no worse than a 3 seed.  Yet, they are ranked as the second lowest 4 seed and are as of know going to be shipped out East.

Just a few of the teams that I don’t think should be ranked ahead of UCLA are, in no order, KENTUCKY (head to head wins, and a better record mean nothing to the committee, it’s Kentucky), West Virginia (who appears that they are about to get a huge road win at Kansas), Virginia (who won’t be ahead of UCLA “theoretically” after a loss to Virginia Tech this weekend), Florida (who’s lone big win this year is at home against Kentucky), and Butler (who has big wins, but bad losses), not to mention the slew of ACC teams that apparently get a bye into the top 2 seed lines, because they are in the ACC.

The other major injustice is Gonzaga, the lone unbeaten team in the country and somehow the lowest rated #1 seed.  In what universe, would you put an undefeated team with 2 wins over teams also in the top 4 seed lines, as well as 5 total victories against top 25 teams as the lowest rated #1?  I don’t understand you NCAA.  When are you going to get your life together, stop using so many drugs and actually get a grasp of what’s happening this basketball season.

In other news, my class is going amazingly well and I can’t wait to get out there and continue trying new and exciting beers.  Going to try and keep my adoring fans up to date, but I have been super lazy lately.  I promise to write more in the future.  Thank you!

Go Bruins!!


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