Vegas And Beer

I spent my weekend in Las Vegas seeing a concert and of course, drinking beer.  I had a lot of really good beer, but two really stood out for me.  One was Victory Brewing’s Sour Monkey.  Just a really good sour beer that isn’t too overwhelmingly sour.  Extremely drinking for the basic beer drinker to the craft beer connoisseur.  The other beer was from the Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas.  I go to Vegas all the time and could not believe that I have never been to this place before.  It is an authentic German brewery and restaurant that really was an amazing experience.  I got their Original lager and it was spectacular and of course it was served in a liter glass which was awesome.  If you are ever in Vegas and want a new experience, definitely visit the Hofbrauhaus.

On the sports side of things.  Russell Westbrook is not human.  If he doesn’t win the MVP this year the sporting world may never be the same.  That 40 footer to win the game against Denver on Sunday was just flat out ridiculous.

A huge congratulations goes out to Sergio Garcia for his Masters title on Sunday.  The guy has been so close so many times and finally got that first major title.  We’ll see if that leads to more majors in the same way that Phil Mickelson broke the Major title drought and then went on to win 6 or 7.


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