Jackie Robinson Day

Today is Jackie Robinson day.  Celebrating one of the bravest athletes of all time as he was the first black major league baseball player.  On this day every year I get caught up thinking about Jackie Robinson.  A man who has meant so much to the game of baseball and to the world in general and I can’t help but wish that this day never was a thing.

Jackie Robinson should not have been the first MLB player who was black.  The mere fact that it took so long for this to happen is absolutely astonishing and it makes me realize that even now in the year 2017, there is far too much racial separation.  Jackie Robinson should be commended for the way he handled himself with grace in a time where he was constantly berated for being black.  From what I have read about the man, he was an outright gentleman and nothing but a decent human being who happened to be black.

With our current racially diverse and yet somehow completely backwards American culture, I wait for the day when a superstar athlete in any sport gets puts through the ringer like Robinson did.  It’s only a matter of time really.  Our “President” is not the most racially accepting person (See here, Trump says golf only for the rich elite).  How long is it until we are seeing more people pursuing racial segregation in sports?  Don’t even get me started on the White Basketball League (All-American Basketball Alliance).

It pains me to think that no matter how accepting people can be of other people, there is still so much hate in this world.  Honestly, it’s extremely depressing.  Every day I hope that somewhere, somehow people will get past the hate and the baffling prejudice against other human beings and just learn to accept those for being different.  Jackie Robinson, along with many other people, did not have to endure the type of aggressive acts of hate that they endured.  There are far too many Donald Trumps in this world and not nearly enough like Jackie Robinson.  Thank You Jackie.


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