NBA Playoffs

After one game in each series let’s see where we are at in terms of most likely team to win each series.

#1 Golden State vs. #8 Portland

The Warriors are the best team in the NBA and let’s face it, Portland doesn’t really stand a chance in this series.  Game 1 did show that if Dame Lillard and CJ McCollum go off, they have a chance to win.  But, that chance is very low.  Still, Golden State for the sweep.

#2 San Antonio vs. #7 Memphis

The fighting Kawhi Leonard’s took care of business in game 1.  Memphis will need to play near perfect basketball in this series to even win one game.  I think they do it once and bow out in 5 games.

#3 Houston vs. #6 Oklahoma City

Russell Westbrook vs James Harden.  That matchup means very little, because Houston just has more talent and depth.  Westbrook may force his team to win to games out of pure force of will, but thats all.  Houston in 6.

#4 LAC vs. #5 Utah

The Jazz went into Staples to steal game one on ISO Joe’s runner in the lane.  They lost Gobert for at least a game or two, which hurts.  This LA team just can’t win in playoff time, but I see them sneaking away with a game 7 win here.  Utah still a year away.

Then there’s the Eastern Conference playoffs.  You know… the conference that allowed Lebron to reach 6 straight NBA Finals.  I don’t know how Cleveland gets bounced before the Finals again this year.  Even as the #2 seed and their vulnerable look against Indiana in game 1.  Lebron will get them to the Finals.  There comes a point where I just don’t even care what happens in the East.  I hope Chicago takes out Boston, because I am tired of the Boston underdog story as the #1 seed.  The Wizards and whoever wins that Toronto/Milwaukee series still don’t have the talent to contend in the East, even when the East is still a JV conference.  Cleveland walks into the Finals rested like usual against the worn out, battle tested Western Conference winners.


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