Top of the Morning

It’s a beautiful Friday morning.  I am still in recovery mode following my appendectomy and waiting for the day when things return to normal.  Until then, at least I have time to write some things down.

Did anyone see that Pacers/Cavs game last night.  The Cavs looked like a first round exit was coming the way they played that first half.  Down 25 at the half and giving up 72 points to a Pacer team that seemed to be brimming with confidence.  It was quite the show.  Then Lebron became the driving force to one of the greatest comebacks in NBA history.   They basically shed that entire lead in the 3rd quarter alone.  The defense looked championship quality, but that was the issue.  Why did it take so long for them to finally show up and play some D?  Tons of concerns still with the Cavs, but now they can relax a little up 3-0 on Indy.

Milwaukee made Toronto look like an 8th grade pick up game team.  It was embarrassing for everyone I’m sure.  But, the Barney intro that was played during the Raptors player announcements was at least comical.  Expect Toronto to bounce back in Game 4, but I think ultimately the Greek Freak and his band of misfits moves on in 6.

Memphis grinded out a win in the way that only Memphis knows how.  Foul fest and all, the game was actually quite entertaining.  Every call against Memphis was like watching the jury at a major trial (see coach Fizdale’s comments post game 2).  Anyways, the Spurs gave them one game, but that’s all for Memphis.  Even with Vince Carter and his somehow incomprehensible explosiveness can’t take down the fighting Pops.

In beer news, I still don’t know how I want to handle the Beer aspect of this blog. I may go any number of directions with this.  Brewery of the Week?  Beer of the Day?  Upcoming beer events?   There are so many things that happen on a daily basis in the Socal beer world I will have to figure out how to handle it all.  In the meantime, enjoy your weekend.  Enjoy a nice beer and some hockey, baseball or basketball.  Cheers!


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