Happy Mothers Day

Just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mothers out there, but none are more amazing than my own Mother.  Sorry the rest of you just don’t have as good a mom as I do.  Better luck next time.

Alright, Spurs-Warriors starts today and I don’t see San Antonio taking this thing, but I hope it is at least interesting.  I have never been so bored watching playoff basketball as I have this year.  There is absolutely no excitement whatsoever.  Warriors will however take game 1, but expect the rest of the series to be close in the 4th quarter.  The Spurs know how to beat these Warriors and could sneak a win in Oracle Arena come game 2.

The Ducks dropped a close overtime game to the Predators in game 1 of the Western Conference finals.  Here’s hoping that game 2 goes a little differently.  The Ducks have to find a way to be more efficient on power plays or this series is going to be over quick.  GO Ducks!

The Final round of the Players Championship is also today.  I have watched all of 0 seconds of this tournament so far.  Without looking it up I couldn’t tell you one player in the top 10, unless Vijay Singh is still hanging around?  Anyways, the final round of the Players is generally a ton of must see action, so I hope I get to watch some today.

If i were to pick a beer for Mothers day… I really wouldn’t because my moms idea of good beer is to freeze a coors light into a slushie and drink it that way, but if I had to pick one for her I would pick Rogue Ales MoM Hefeweizen.  Mostly because of the label, but also because a beer infused with rose petals seems like a solid Mothers day beverage.


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