Happy Father’s Day

Apparently I have succumbed to only writing on the high holidays anymore.  Don’t know when that happened, but I will try to do better moving forward.

Happy Fathers day to all the amazing fathers out there, but especially to my own dad, who is by far the best dad in the world.  It’s days like today that I try my best not to overlook all the things that he has done for me in my life and do nothing but thank him for molding me into the person I am.  Thank you dad for one of the millions of things that you have given me in my life.

Fathers day means it’s US Open Sunday.  I don’t know about anyone else, but it looks like it’s gonna be a real close one down the stretch.  There are a ton of guys who have absolutely no experience in this position in a major and that could mean a bunch of nervous golf swings come early afternoon.  I want Rickie Fowler to win, but I see somebody like Brooks Koepka blasting two 3-woods over 300 yards and making eagle on 18 to win by a stroke.  Should be fun.

I haven’t had much new beer lately other than the flat out incompetent beer that is made in Utah.  Alright, the beer itself can be mighty tasty, but their damn alcohol by volume laws are insane and making the beer less consumer friendly.  I don’t necessarily drink beer for the alcohol content, but I do drink beer for the alcohol content.  Come on Utah, I know you don’t want everyone driving around drunk, but have some faith that beer drinkers can handle more than 4.0% beer.  You’re better than that as a state.  I think.

Here’s probably the best beer I had out in Utah.  Uinta HooDoo


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