THE Draft

It’s draft season and luckily for me that doesn’t mean a war draft just yet, but we have already completed the NFL and MLB drafts and the NHL draft is next week I believe.  However, the NBA draft is today and that makes me happier than I could have imagined. Not only do the Lakers pick 2nd overall, but they have a rather big chance to land a big name in a trade (Paul George most likely).

The top 2 picks seem rather set in stone, but there are always those last minute decisions teams must make before they actually call out the names of who they are drafting.  My gut tells me that the status quo will be found and no surprises will come off the board through the first two picks at least.  Let’s look at what I believe will be the top 10 picks.

#1 Philadelphia- Markelle Fultz

#2 Los Angeles Lakers- Lonzo Ball

#3 Boston- Josh Jackson (then either he is traded or 1 of their other 15 wings are traded)

#4 Phoenix- Jayson Tatum

#5 Sacramento- De’Aaron Fox

#6 Orlando- Malik Monk

#7 Minnesota- Jonathan Isaac

#8 New York- Lauri Markkanen

#9 Dallas- Frank Ntilikina

#10 Sacramento- Zach Collins

I see the Knicks making a poor choice this high up by taking Markkanen, but the Knicks never make sensible choices.  Also, I see Dennis Smith Jr. going #11, not at #5 or #6 where a lot of people are seeing him go which is mainly do to a poor outside jumper and lazy attitude on defense.  Go Lakers!


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