Summer of NBA

Every summer we get a new crop of kids whom we all sit around and judge, wondering if they will ever amount to anything.  Sometimes even one game into their NBA Summer League debuts, we are hard pressed not to consider whether or not they are going to be the next big thing.  It is a somewhat broken system, but many would argue it’s tried and true.

During this basketball “down time”, seasoned NBA players are getting millions of dollars thrown at them over a few years to sign with the same team or a new team.  Free Agency.  Does your favorite player want to stay and build something or do they bail for money, a championship, etc.? It’s a whirlwind of emotions as players and teams scramble to make the best decisions they possible can.

This year has been no different as the money starts flowing, the movement continues.  Kevin Durant taking a huge pay cut to remain with the Warriors may be the most selfless move so far, but let’s see what other moves have been made.

Chris Paul to the Rockets.  Not gonna work out.  Sorry Houston, 2 dominant ball handlers never pans out (please view the countless failed attempts at this previously).

Paul George to the Thunder.  A great move if he decides to stay.  A terrible move if he and Westbrook both bail for the Lakers next year.

Paul Millsap to the Denver Nuggets.  Solid move here, but that doesn’t guarantee a top 6 spot in the LOADED West.

Jimmy Butler to the Timberwolves.  See explanation above i.e. George, Millsap.

Gordon Hayward to the…  Don’t know about this one yet.   Best bets are back to Utah or off to Boston.  Either is a good move, but Boston has a better chance at an NBA Finals where they can be demolished by Golden State.

Blake Griffin stays a Clipper.  This means nothing.  Clippers will be lucky to make the playoffs. Unless they get Gallinari as well and then they get a 7 seed.

Carmelo Anthony… Still a Knick, but willing to take a trade to ruin the lives of people in Houston and Cleveland.  If you want a title, stay away.  Far, far away.


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One Response to Summer of NBA

  1. Kevin says:

    Paul George to the Thunder is the most intriguing for the next year. Can the MVP and PG fight their ways through the west? Either way, it should be interesting. Meanwhile, the East keeps getting easier for Cleveland to breeze through to another Eastern Conference title. BOO!!!

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