Summer League Final

The LA Lakers are playing in an NBA final… only problem is that it’s in the NBA Summer League.  Still, the Lakers have impressed even while playing without Brandon Ingram for all but the first game.

The Lakers and Blazers are the only teams left in this Summer League Tournament and tonight’s game should be an entertaining, even without Lonzo Ball playing.  I think the Lakers can still win tonight, but it will be a little more difficult without Ball.  He has been absolutely unstoppable during the Summer League.  Apart from the first game against the Clippers where you can tell his nerves took him out of the game, Lonzo has been the best player in the Summer League.

The Lakers are more than just Ball though.  Kyle Kuzma has been out of his mind.  Making everything from 3 and showing why the Lakers could use him and Ingram in a small ball/everyone can handle the point lineup.

If anything, the Lakers look like a much improved team this upcoming season.  I don’t think they make the playoffs.   The West IS WAY TOO tough and deep.

Expect competitive play in every game this year from the Lakers and a move towards contention in a year or two.  It’s not far off Laker fans.

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