The Home Stretch

Baseball is coming down to the wire.  There are what seems like 15 teams fighting for the last 2 wildcard spots in the AL

Of course the only team I want to see take one of those spots is the Angels.  I don’t care about the other spot.  It’s basically useless.

Now, the Angels made two rather large additions this week adding second baseman Brandon Phillips and outfielder Justin Upton.  Those two additions will really help down the stretch, but they don’t address the biggest problem with the Angels.

Starting Pitching.

Actually, make that all of their pitching, because the bullpen isn’t much better.

The return of Garrett Richards should help out, but he is coming off almost 3 straight years of injury.  Can we really expect him to be the ace of the staff?  No.

I do still believe that the angels will sneak into the playoffs and maybe make a run deep into October.  But, that is based on whether or not the Angels hitters can stay hot.  Albert Pujols has had the best hitting week of his Angels career and if that continues they can beat anybody.

Go Angels.

In beer news I just tasted a very strange beer the other day at Mikkeller Brewing SD.  Raspberry Blush.  It is a Berliner Weiss brewed with raspberry and coffee.  It was an odd combo, but it really worked.  The raspberry flavor immediately hits you in the taste buds and then tails off into a coffee finish.  It was quite tasty and definitely recommendable.


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