Sunday… Sports Day

The Cavs, not named Lebron James, finally showed up for a game last night and they absolutely demolished the Celtics in Game 3.  The Cavs came out of the gates hot and never looked back while opening up a 30 point lead at one point.  It wasn’t the offense that was the impressive part though.  It was their determination on defense that took Boston out of their rhythm early and never let them get back into the game.  The Celtics looked completely overmatched and they were… in this game.

Don’t worry Boston fans, the Celtics are clearly still the better team in this series and just need to continue to let Lebron get his and completely shut down the rest of the team like they did in games 1 and 2, and they will take this series in 6.

The Golden State-Houston series picks back up again today and I thoroughly expect the Warriors to do much like they did in game 1.  Taking it to Houston and completely stymying their offense.  Golden State 110 Houston 98.

Baseball is a sport.  But we are barely a quarter of the way into the season and I still haven’t gotten involved enough outside the Angels.  Oh and watching the Dodgers, the third highest payroll team in baseball be on pace to lose 100 games is pretty spectacular as well.  Go ANGELS!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am both really excited and not excited at all for the World Cup.  Without the US National team being there, it’s kind of bitter sweet to watch.  I think I may be rooting for Iceland, because well you know… It’s Iceland.  How does a country with like 500,000 people make the World Cup, but not the 327 million people-mega-sports-fanatical country not?  Gotta love Futbol!


With my impending move across the country and severe lack of California beers in Indiana, I am trying to hit my favorite breweries before we leave.  Stone and the Bruery are the two main ones that need a visit.  I think the plan is to grab some beers that we can cellar or at least keep until the move.

Got some other news that is beer related that is still being worked out and I will be sharing with my fan as soon as we get all settled in Indiana.  Cheers!

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Coming Soon…

I have been so unmotivated to write lately and have decided to pick this blog back up and get back to my roots.

I will be doing so after I move back across the country, as I will need a way to spread my California and West Coast Biases with those East Coast people who live their lives not knowing anything about West Coast sports.

Expect big things from me in the near future.  My goal is to do between 3-4 posts a week at the very least.  With one of those being a very long, in depth, coverage of a random sport question or some current or past event that peaks my interest.

In the meantime, I will share just a few quick notes with my one reader.

Lebron is ridiculous.  I have nothing else to say on that matter.

I really dislike the Rockets and hope the Warriors smash them in the next round.

Mike Trout is the most unappreciated super-mega-goliath-star of the last 30 years.

The Diamondbacks may be the most complete team in baseball…

Tiger Woods is back, healthy and ready to win a major, if and only if, he can make a putt.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are the best first year expansion team in the history of expansion in sports.

I’m very eager for the NBA draft combine to see if any of the UCLA guys will test well enough to stay in the draft. (Hint: I hope not)

Last thing.  If you are ever in the Phoenix area and need to grab a beer.  Stop by Sonoran Brewing and pick up a white chocolate ale.  Well worth it!



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Make Your Case Saturday!

Tomorrow is one of the best basketball days of the year and yet few games are even played.  Selection Sunday!  When the whole world finds out if your favorite school has made the NCAA tournament.

I am happy to report that UCLA seems to be a lock at this point.  I was getting a little nervous there for a while.  A loss to Arizona last night in OT hurt the Bruins chances to get a single digit seed, but I could see a 10 seed in our near future.  Im really hoping to avoid the East however, because let’s say UCLA sneaks into the 8/9 game and would then theoretically face #1 overall seed Virginia.  UCLA might not match up worse with any team in the country.  If it’s one thing UCLA struggles against it’s really good defensive teams and Virginia is the best defensive team in the country.

Anyways, ESPN has UCLA at a 10 seed for right now.  I don’t think that changes much.  I think even as a 10 seed, judging by the potential 7 seeds I’ve seen, we should have a great chance at playing a second game.  None of the most likely 2 seeds really blow me away.  Duke has tons of talent, but no point guard play which will kill them in the tournament.  Cincinnati beat UCLA already, but I think that they would love a rematch.  North Carolina and Xavier lack interior size and can be exploited by Thomas Welch.  Purdue is the one team that, because of exceptional point guard play and great size could be a matchup issue for the Bruins, but Purdue just loses games for no reason sometimes.  As if they just didn’t feel like being there, so they are probably on upset watch in the first game.

I could go on and on and try to figure out who I think we will play come selection sunday, but the fact of the matter is that it’s the best time of the year.  The time when basketball reigns supreme in the sporting world and I for one can’t wait to sit for 4 days straight and just watch basketball.

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College Hoops As We Know It…

The College basketball landscape is about to see some major changes.  After an FBI investigation linked several players and coaches from programs around the country to an “improper benefits” cycle.  This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as corruption in college sports goes.  If more input is sought from the leaders of the NCAA by the FBI, you could see a lot of changes coming to college sports in general that could negatively impact the sporting world as a whole.

This sort of “paying for players” is nothing new for the NCAA.  College sports has had some form of corruption for seemingly as long as it has been around.  The sad thing is that the NCAA tends to turn a blind eye to this sort of thing and has let it get so out of hand that the only way to corral it at this point is swift and decisive action.

The problem is that the NCAA is a money making machine and such action would cause real issue with its two most profitable entities.  Football and Basketball.

Does anyone really think that the cash hungry elite of the NCAA are willing to hit the reset button on college sports and regulate how athletes are swayed to colleges across the country?  I think not.  Sponsorships and viewership would collapse if say Duke, North Carolina and Kentucky basketball programs and Alabama, Texas and Notre Dame football were suddenly stricken of postseason possibilities and scholarship numbers.

Honestly, Arizona basketball coach Sean Miller being caught by wire tap talking about payment of probable #1 NBA draft pick Deandre Ayton was the greatest gift to the NCAA and here is why…

Arizona is a perennial power in college hoops.  They consistently win the Pac-12 conference and have a decent fan base that creates lots of revenue for the NCAA and the likes of ESPN or other sports networks.  They are big and likable enough to be the perfect scapegoat for this FBI investigation.   The NCAA slaps Arizona with a huge ban, removes the coach, lowers their total amount of scholarships, takes away the chance to play in the postseason, vacates some wins and puts them on “probation” once they have met a series of remedial stipulations.  This shows the common fan or US citizen that the NCAA is not messing around when it comes to its own interpretation of breaking it’s bylaws, but does not tarnish it’s cash cow programs that are just as guilty.  Arizona is bound to be made an example and Sean Miller gave the NCAA that opportunity to prove that they are willing to sacrifice one big program to keep their elite away from the same sanctions before they go bury their collective heads in the sand and act like their isn’t a “cheating” problem in college sports.

I have a lot more to say on this subject, but I am get annoyed as I write this and I want to wait and see if anything happens in the days to come.  In the meantime…

Go Bruins!!

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2nd This Week

I can’t believe I am now writing for the second time this week.  That hasn’t happened in forever.  Well let’s see it’s been a really boring sports week with no NBA since Sunday’s All Star Break.

The only thing keeping sports entertaining at this moment is the Olympics….Oh and Golf with Tiger Woods back… oh and College Hoops… never mind there is still plenty going on right now.

How about Team USA Womens hockey beating Canada in a shootout in the Gold medal match and handing the Canadians there first loss in the Olympics since 1998.  Incredible. IF you haven’t seen the clinching goal and subsequent save.  Check it out here( Shootout).

The college hoops tourney bubble is expanding and bursting already for some teams.  How about a team like Oklahoma.  Could theoretically finish dead last in the Big 12 and still make the tournament.  Maybe we should discuss teams like Syracuse and Louisville who are most according to Joe Lunardi 2 of the last 4 teams in the tournament and hovering around .500 in their conferences and a single Top-25 win between them.  I hate to mention Bill Walton (the commentator at least), but he said during a Pac-12 broadcast last week how none of the ncaa tournament selection committee pay attention to teams in the West.  He mentioned the start time of prime time games in the West.  Most not starting until 10pm EST.  I have been saying for years that there is an East coast bias, hence the reason I started this blog in the first place, and I don’t think that bias is getting any less catastrophic to NCAA tournament hopeful teams West of Texas.

Tiger Woods is playing his second tournament in as many weeks.  It’s a solid sign that he is healthy.  Now he just needs to make a cut at this weeks Honda Classic.  As it stands right now he is -1 on his round thru 11 holes which is currently t-5.  A great start for Eldrick.  Will be interesting to see how he plays the rest of this week.

No beer news this week.  I haven’t been drinking as much lately so I haven’t been trying as many new beers.  I will get back to you soon with some new recommendations.

Go Bruins!

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Hello 2018

Alright I’m only like 2 months late, but at some point I will be back to writing on a regular basis.  The itch to write is quietly crawling back.  So as per usual let’s do a rapid recap of things we may have missed in the last 2 months or whatever.

The Patriots lost the Super Bowl.  I was more excited by that statement then just saying the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

The Cavaliers traded basically their whole team for a brand new bunch of guys.  In a small sample size so far it seems like a brilliant move.  They got younger and removed the toxic locker room struggles.  They still won’t challenge Golden State (Or dumb Houston), but they probably will make it back to the NBA Finals now.

The college basketball season has been an absolute mess.  No team has separated themselves from the pack and there may be more teams able to win the tournament this year than ever before.  Match-ups are going to play a big role in who advances.  I think it could be a year we see a 16 seed get really close to beating a 1 seed, but the streak continues another year.

The winter Olympics are in full swing and the United States has been a rather large disappointment so far.  A country that has not finished outside the top 4 in total medal count in the last 6 winter Olympics is likely to do just that this year.  But, that doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been a whole lot of excitement at these games.  If nothing else, it’s always exciting to realize that curling is a sport every 4 years.

I need to talk about 2 beers that I have had recently that I found to be both interesting and very tasty.   Modern Times City of the Dead Nitro and a collaboration between Offshoot brewing and Mason Aleworks known as Zero Moustafa.  City of the Dead is a spectacular big stout with cocoa nibs, almonds and sea salt.  On Nitro it may have been the smoothest beer I have ever tasted.  Combine that with the amazing chocolate flavor and this beer is like having a piece of pure chocolate bar awesomeness.  Zero Moustafa is an IPA with zero IBUs.  Which is something I have never heard of even being possible.  Then again, brewers are constantly pushing the boundaries to come up with the next big thing.  I can honestly say that I have never tasted an IPA quite like it and I recommend anyone who can find it to give it a try.

As Always, Go Bruins!!!

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Here We Go

Since the last time I wrote something… I got married, the Astros won the World Series, a huge tax bill with demoralizing incentives is about to signed into law and Trae Young became the best player in College Basketball this year.  I’m not about to get into politics on my blog so let’s cover some sports… and maybe some beer.

Last Night Trae Young scored 26 points and dished out 22 assists in something like 26 minutes of play.  That’s absurd.  I don’t care if they were playing a pee wee football team, those numbers are impressive.  What’s more impressive is that Young scores with such ease and poise that he looks like a 5th year Senior, not a lowly Freshman.  Young is currently leading the country in scoring and assists.  While those numbers are bound to dip a little come conference season, don’t expect his numbers to drop out of the top 5 in either category.  Trae Young is must watch TV.

Hey the Astros won the World Series in 7 games over the Dodgers.  It was a great series up until a very uneventful game 7.  That’s all to be said about that.  #AngelsWorldSeries2018.

Biggest news in the last 2 months has been that I got married.  The wedding was spectacular and my bride was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.  But, lets get to the best part of the entire event.  The BEER!!!!!

The beer we brewed for the wedding was a big bold Honey Imperial Russian Stout.  We assumed the ABV would be in the 9% range, but after doing the final calculations it came in at a solid 10%.  To say that we were excited would be a major understatement.  The entire brewing process was a blast for us and of course we heard nothing but good things from the people who tasted it.  Alas, we have tons of beer left to drink before the weather gets too hot to consume such a big stout. Eat, Drink, Be Mobley IRS got a 5/5 from me and since I’m the only person who has rated it it is the greatest beer ever. Two Thumbs UP!!!!!

One last note.  Some people have put UCLA Basketball hunkered deep onto the bubble conversation this year.  Sadly, with the suspensions they just lack the depth to compete against quality teams.  I don’t want to place the blame on Steve Alford just yet, but this is UCLA and that means win or you’re out.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alford fired if they don’t at least win one NCAA tournament game this year.  That is assuming they win enough “quality” games to get into the tournament.  #GoBruins

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